Sunday, November 15, 2015

October: Birthdays and Halloween

There are tons of birthdays in October for my family. Kira and Jeffrey on the 11th, Dalton on the 12th, Dad and Eve on the 15th, and then lots of other friends. We celebrated Jeffrey and Kira's together and then Dad, Eve, and Dalt together. 

Dad, Eve, and Dalt

Evie with her gorgeous hair

Evie rocking out to the bday song

Getting ready to blow out candles

Mom and Chewbacca

Pig at the pumpkin patch, eating the pumpkins!

Sheep too!

B loves animals

The McDonald's

The Purnell's

Koff and I

Dad and Evie


Mt Timp Temple

Carving the pumpkins

The finished product

So cool

My friends Aimee and Mark had a halloween party at their house so we brought Eve and Jeffrey with us. They had some carnival like games for the kids and lots of yummy treats.

Jeffrey getting ready to eat a donut off the string

All the kids that were there

Uncle Simon and Jeffrey before playing one of the games

They have chickens, some geese, and a dog


Kira and Jeff started a tradition where we go to Cafe Rio every Halloween in costume. It is always fun. Here are all the pics:


Jeff and Jeffrey

Koff and I

Mom, Kira, and Eve

Right before heading to trick or treat

B and Eve's first house trick or treating

East Coast Part 2: DC

Before we headed to DC we stopped by Martin's (Ukrop's) one last time to get a fudge pie and some tacos from Casa Grande next door. I grew up going to Casa Grande all the time. I loved their tacos... and they still taste the same! The cheese is to die for and I was in heaven. After that we headed to Northern VA to go see Washington's house, Mount Vernon. Simon had never been. 

At the entrance of Mount Vernon

Simon trying to model after Washington

Beautiful stained glass

Washington being sworn in as President

The gardens

Us in the gardens

Old-ish tree

The view behind Washington's house

The kitchen

Us behind Washington's house

Washington's tomb

After we went to Mount Vernon we headed to Jeff's (our bro-in-law) sister's house to have dinner with his family. We love them. We got to see Michelle, Adam, and Aiden; Sarah and her boyfriend Tom; Matt and his girlfriend Amber; and Emily. It was so fun to hang out with them. I am so sad we forgot to take a picture. After that we headed to our hotel and got ready to see DC the next day. 

Washington Monument

Hope diamond, donated by Harry Winston

Simon trying to fight a Rhino

Really Simon

Feeding the Rhino

Cool photograph by National Geographic

White House


Riding bikes to go see the Lincoln Memorial 


Honoring those who have served

Lincoln Memorial


Korean War Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

Navajo Taco



Ukrop's fudge pie... to die for

Our souvenir